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Permanent exhibition
VIE BOURGEOISE – Les dessous de la mondanité en Nouvelle-France

Take a customized guided tour and feel the unique ambiance of the oldest manor in Trois-Rivières! Discover the world of Marie-Josephte Chastelain and her husband, Joseph-Claude Boucher de Niverville, a bourgeois couple from the days of the French regime. Food, clothing, morals, and customs . . . you will know everything about the life and times of our ancestors!


Temporary exhibition
Dix ans de fouilles, ça se fête!

Temporary Exhibition.


Past exhibitions

Exhibitions presented by Collège Laflèche

  • 2015 : MUSEUM – Mémoires et curiosités trifluviennes


    Temporary Exhibition

    Until May 15, 2016


    Benjamin Sulte, Sister Marguerite Marie, Conrad Godin, and Dollard Dubé come together in this exhibition. Enter into the world of these historians, diarists, and history enthusiasts as they explore various facets of Trois-Rivières' heritage. Artifacts, archival photos, and newspaper articles reveal the history of Trois-Rivières like you've never seen it before!


  • 2014 : Chez Pinard. Hôtelier de père en crime, from May 2014 to April 2015

    Chez Pinard. Hôtelier de père en crime invited visitors to discover the secrets of the Pinard family, innkeepers since the time of the French Regime. This fictional family, whose members were not always very honest, accumulated many treasures over the centuries. Visitors were invited to discover them through the exhibition and also explore the hotel's bar, concert hall, dining room, and entertainment room, where various illicit activities were conducted.

  • 2013 : D’encre et d’histoires, from May 2013 to April 2014

    D’encre et d’histoires invited visitors into the lives of the Hérou(x) family, from the founding of Trois-Rivières until today. Diaries left by various generations of the fictional family gave visitors a glimpse into the protagonists' personal concerns about the events that marked Trois-Rivières' history over the centuries.

  • 2012 : ATTENTION FRAGILE! From May 2012 to April 2013

    The St. Lawrence River has been the primary means of access to Trois-Rivières for centuries. From the time of New France, settlers and workers have arrived with their trunk in search of a new life. Over the years, increasingly sophisticated port facilities have welcomed a flourishing trade. The exhibition took visitors to Trois-Rivières' docks to meet four craftsmen from the time of New France (gunsmith, blacksmith, tailor, and potter), a merchant, and an innkeeper. Baggage, merchandise, and artifacts are piled on the ground . . . Handle with care!

  • 2011 : Passion à table, from October 2011 to May 2012

    The Passion à table exhibition explored a fascinating feature of our history and our identity—eating habits. The museum presentation, created by the students, set the table to offer us a glimpse of eating habits, through artifacts. The exhibition included, among others, bones, earthenware, and utensils unearthed in Trois-Rivières. The Passion à table exhibition was an excellent opportunity to explore this current topic from a historical perspective.

  • 2010 : Parures et bijoux, from August 2010 to September 2011

    The Parures et bijoux exhibition invited visitors to discover Trois-Rivières' history through artifacts unearthed during archeological digs at Place d'Armes between 2006 and 2008. They bear witness to their various social functions and reflect Trois-Rivières' cultural diversity through the ages. The exhibition was displayed as a late 19th century bourgeois interior and included both men's and women's items. Jewelry, such as earrings, pendants, buttons, and rings; the topics of relationships between men and women; flirting; and seduction were explored. The exhibition was presented by students in the History and Civilization program at Collège Laflèche de Trois-Rivières.