Maison Rocheleau dite «Manoir des Jésuites»


Manoir Boucher de Niverville

168, Rue Bonaventure, Trois-Rivières

The Manoir Boucher de Niverville is a major feature of Trois-Rivières’ heritage. The permanent exhibition Vie bourgeoise – Les dessous de la mondanité en Nouvelle-France will help you understand how the evolution and all of the transformations the building underwent helped make it a jewel of Quebequois heritage. Classified as a historic monument in 1960, the manor was restored 11 years later by the Historic Monuments Commission of Quebec.

It was then assigned as a protected area and a Euro-Quebec archaeological site. The vestiges found at the manor have contributed to its restoration and helped us understand how the building has evolved and which techniques were used in its construction. While visiting the site, you’ll also discover the upper class’ traditions and customs during the New France era.

Before leaving, stop by the Manor’s Boutique de l’Intendant where you’ll find a wide variety of souvenirs and hand-crafted and recycled items, ranging from Aboriginal art to products made in Quebec.

This tourist attraction in Trois-Rivieres also offers a varied program which aims to be accessible and diversified. Tales, historical lectures and workshops await you! To discover our program, click HERE.