Maison Rocheleau dite «Manoir des Jésuites»


Who are we?

Feel the unique ambiance of the oldest manor in Trois-Rivières!

Discover the world of Marie-Josephte Chastelain and her husband, Joseph-Claude Boucher de Niverville, a bourgeois couple from the days of the French regime. Food, clothing, morals, and customs . . . you will know everything about the life and times of our ancestors!


In 1668, Jacques LeNeuf de la Potherie, a fur trader, was granted a piece of land owned by François Champflour. He built a two-storey dwelling, a bakery, a barn, a stable, a flour mill, and other buildings that would be necessary for his subsistence and that of his tenants. And thus the manor was born.

In 1729, François de Chastelain, a naval officer, acquired the de la Potherie fiefdom and its manor. He made major modifications to the building involving a substantial enlargement, which gave it the shape we see today. He passed the building on to his daughter, Marie-Josephte, on the occasion of her marriage to Joseph-Claude Boucher de Niverville. This is when the manor got its present-day name. After the death of this famous soldier, in 1805, the building was preserved by his heirs for several decades.

Manoir Boucher de Niverville is a priceless witness to the French colonial architectural style. Its original wood framework is among the oldest in the St. Lawrence Valley. In addition to the permanent exhibition on bourgeois life in New France, each year, the manor hosts a different exhibition on archaeology in Trois-Rivières.

The Team

Valérie Bourgeois


Valérie Bourgeois earned a master's degree in History in 2002. She has over 15 years of experi-ence in the tourism industry and is the director of heritage for the Corporation de développe-ment culturel de Trois-Rivières. Her energy, vision, and passion for history make her an excep-tional team leader. Valérie is determined, as well as energetic, and has every intention of mak-ing Boréalis, Manoir Boucher de Niverville, and Maison Rocheleau exceptional tourist attrac-tions!

Romain Nombret

Education and Entertainment Director—Boréalis

Originally from France, Romain has a master's degree in History and a second master's from Université Laval in Classical Studies. For the past several years, he has been working in the field of animation, recreation, and education. He has also made project management and event coordination part of his skill set. Truly in love with Quebec, its culture, and its heritage, Romain shows this passion for culture by creating educational activities and through his management of the Boréalis animation team.

Audrey-Ann Guimond

Salomé Muckle-Poulin